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Williamsburg's Other Finger Gets a Finger Friend

The busy little development strip by Richard and Humboldt Streets just off the BQE is about to get the two-finger treatment. The Finger of Richardson has been joined by another upraised digit, the Finger of Humboldt Street. (This is not to be confused with the McGuiness Finger, a thirteen-story baby that could end up flipping some bird on the other side of the BQE where another of the vanishing NYC species known as the gas station was recently closed and has been demolished.) The Finger of Humboldt comes from the studio of Karl Fischer Architect, whereas the Finger of Richardson is from Scarano Architects. The building at 480 Humboldt will be 12 stories and have 20 apartments. Add two more fingers to the neighborhood and you'll have, um, an entire hand.
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