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Curbed PriceChopper: A Whole Bunch of Northside Piers

We roll out the Curbed PriceChopper, not for one apartment at Northside Piers on the Williamsburg waterfront, but for quite a few of them. Specifically, to about half the apartments still on the market according the sharp eyed tipster who pointed us to the chop, chop, chopping sound coming from Kent Avenue as heard on streeteasy. Most of the chops are recent, within the last week or so, and nothing says chop like a $1,121,990 condo now on the market for $988,990. Or, if you'd this 2BR, 2BA unit:

Was: $925,990
Is: $830,9000

What's Up With That: Who knows. Could be the beginning of the end or it could be a little price correction or it could be what our tipster calls "The Edge Effect," AKA hundreds more units becoming available in the next year or so next door at The Edge.How this makes all the people that already bought a whole bunch of condos at full price feel, we don't know.
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