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Stuy Town Follies: When in Doubt, Rebrand

What to do when you're the new owners of a massive housing complex that already has some tenants up in arms about rent increases and rumors of full-scale demolition? Rebrand! Per a tipster embedded inside Stuyvesant Town comes the above, with this note: "Received a magnet in the mail from Tishman a couple days ago with a new logo saying they are about to launch a rebranding effort around this logo. This follows a letter from a couple weeks ago saying they had incorporated Stuyvesant Town as its own entity, separate from Peter Cooper."

Oh, those swooshes! A thin, yet dignified, sans serif font! Compared to the old logo, we'd have to give the edge to whatever design firm bilked Tishman out of six figures for this recycled bit of blandness. And yet, that's not even the best part. Continues our tipster, "Something else from Stuyvesant Town that might be necessitating the rent increase: what appears to be a putting green (as in golf) is being built in the oval next to the fountain, complete with sand traps, putting green-length grass and new terrain for added effect. Not sure who they expect to use this, but thought it was interesting."

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