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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Shake Your Bond-Bond

1) With 25 Bond grabbing the Noho spotlight lately, how does Ian Schrager's 40 Bond snatch it back? Two words: Ricky fuckin' Martin. OK, maybe three. [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]

2) Nightlife queen Amy Sacco is moving to the FiDi, where she will live in and consult on a new condo development called District, which is really really hard to Google. Apparently it's on Ann Street, and the Bungalow 8 boss will have a penthouse. [Intelligencer/S. Jho Ro]

3) Is Naomi Campbell cheating on Giuseppe Cipriani, or more specifically, Giuseppe's Cipriani Club Residences? She was spotted dining with Andre Balazs, perhaps sizing up his Beaver. [Page 6]

4) Months after getting the smackdown from his condo board, Donald Trump Jr. is taking his battle to court. He's trying to get back onto the board at 220 Riverside Drive, and he claims he's got proxies coming out the wazoo. [Page 6]

5) Corcoran superbroker Leighton Candler is no longer trying to sell Bob Guccione's old Upper East Side townhouse, even though the $59 million listing is still on her website. There were some offers in the $40s, but the Laurus Funds is sticking to the asking price. [Page 6]

40 Bond Street

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