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CurbedWire: Amexvertecture Update, Craigslist Tease

CHELSEASome burgeoning ad whizzes have added a little creative to one of the new Amex billboards that have been dotting the cityscape. Says Blog Chelsea, which snapped the above photo, "If we can’t get rid of the billboards, at least they can be used to ridicule the High Line over-development." [Blog Chelsea]

DIGITAL REAL ESTATEA Curbed reader writes, "Anyone know what the deal was with the very legit-seeming ad on Craigslist for about three hours this morning (presumably taken down due to a massive response): $2000 for a 3-bed in the West Village on thompson and bleecker, 2 baths, duplex, real name and phone number of owner? has anyone seen this apartment?" [CurbedWire Inbox]