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On the Racked: Trader Joe's Forsakes Manhattan, Steve Jobs Has a Lot of Work to Do in MePa, Kate Moss Mania!!

And now, the latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

[Signage outside the new Lord Willy's on Christopher Street, "next to a rather spledid sex shop."]

1) Manhattan: Sensitive readers may want to avert their eyes: Racked tipster clams no more Trader Joe's are slated for Manhattan.

2) Meatpacking: A sneak peek inside the new Apple Store! Hint: "a little, ah, rough at the moment."

3) Upper East Side: Holy crap, is that a Whole Foods coming to Third Avenue and 68th Street? Erm, nope—so let's get excited for an expanded Food Emporium!

4) Manhattan: Brace yourself. Tomorrow is Kate Moss for TopShop debut day at the various Barney's Co-Op locations. Paramedics are standing by.