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Rumblings & Bumblings: Stalled Foundations in Boerum Hill, Encore! in Hell's Kitchen, and A Denuded Park Slope Brothel

Been a while since we rumbled, so let's get to it. You know the drill: We present reader queries about development goings-on about town. You respond with insightful comments. Or, if you've got another question, or a sweet, sweet digital photograph, drop a line to Answers sanitized for your protection Thursday.

Schermerhorn House rendering courtesy Polshek Partnership

1) Boerum Hill: From the edge of downtown Brooklyn, a reader writes, "i live in boerum hill near the urban renewal project called hoyt schermerhorn something or other, you know the 14 townhouses were phase 1, then they built the big ass 8 story mixed income rental (?) building by the subway entrances, and then there is something called schermerhorn house that is a wacky combo of a black box theater, housing for actors, and housing for people who need assisted living...all in a modern chrome and glass looking midrise. anyway, they have been working on the foundation for like a year and it seems stalled anybody know anything about what's up with it?" Here's our contribution: A recent Architect's Newspaper report (scroll down) suggests a June '08 completion date.
2) Hell's Kitchen: It also seems like the right time for an update on 301 W. 53rd, aka "The Encore," where Extell was letting leases expire two years ago amidst swirling rumors of a condo/dorm conversion. Today's querier writes, "I'm a tenant and there's a rumor that 301 W 53rd St "Encore" was sold. I can't find any info over this sale. Is Extell still the owner?"
3) Greenpoint: Continuing our stalled projects theme, a reader asks, "hey theres this large property on the corner of eckford street and greenpoint ave in greenpoint. its been sittting idol for like 2 years half built in a skeleton state. its about 9n stories talll and now i see action going on it seems like demolition. can u let me know whats going on>>>>/????" Warning: Do not confuse with other illustrious stalled Greenpoint projects.

4) Gramurray: Another reader writes, "On the southwest corner of 3rd ave and 19th street there is an older 3 story building, only now it has construction on the roof. You can see reddish beams and steel girders reaching for the sky. Does anybody know how high they are taking this thing?"
5) Park Slope: Finally, from another rooftop across the rivers comes this intriguing query regarding 153 Lincoln Place: "I've lived down the street from this fascinating pile for 9 years, and was wondering if you could shed some light...Renovation started I think in 2004 on this building and then stopped for years, and then just yesterday there were about 15 guys from a roofing company climbing all over it, I think ripping off the roof. (Through the windows, you can see sunlight coming through the roof on the upper floors.) I tried to piece together what's going on from the various posted letters and permits outside this morning, and it says something like they got a warning letter from the Landmarks Preservation Commission that they had let the roof deteriorate so much the building was being ruined, so they were ordered to immediately do something. Anyway, the place is known in the nhood having been a "brothel" up until right before they started renovation. Everybody has friends of friends who supposedly called to find out the rates for their parents visiting town and were quoted an hourly rate. So - is there proof that it was a brothel, and what's up with the seemingly plagued renovation? I LOVE this building. Thanks!"
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