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Party Time on Roebling with Weed...and Foreigner

So, we got an email from a tipster about Williamsburg roof parties which are interesting in that they're in one of the new buildings and feature very loud and bad 80s rock music, which is most likely played in a non-ironic way. The alleged locale in question is Roebling Square, one of the new crop of buildings on Roebling Street. Our emailer writes:

The new place to be on a Saturday night in Williamsburg is the roof of 76 Roebling St. The music starts at 10:00pm. It seems Foreigner is very popular with the host. Then a tidal wave of bad weed smell starts to invade my window about midnight. With illegal weekend construction and Saturday Night parties on Roebling St., it's going to be very lively this summer!Lively, indeed. What can you say, except, well, Urgent, urgent, urgent, urgent, emergency...Urgent, urgent, urgent, urgent, emergency...
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