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Building Collapse Betting Pool: Tenth Ave./25th St. Update

Last week's collapse-type incident in West Chelsea was revealed to be caused by a parking garage at 247 Tenth Avenue, not by the new development rising next door at 245 Tenth. However, a tipster with exquisite timing snagged the above photo late last week showing the construction team at the selfsame 245 Tenth enjoying an unidentified beverage from brown bottles. Hmmm! Bonus color from our photog: "Just out of frame a giant backhoe is swinging its bucket into place to drop dirt into the foreground. After snapping this shot through a hole in the fence I got the f*ck out of there."
· Building Collapse Betting Pool: Tenth Ave./25th Street [Curbed]

BONUS: Continuing the building collapse sweepstakes, Lost City nominates the Subway Inn building on the Upper East Side.

245 Tenth Avenue

245 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY 10001