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1BBP Penthouse Will Put Williamsburg In Its Place

The tasty crumbs of One Brooklyn Bridge Park keep sliding off the table and onto the ground, where they're slurped up by us and, uh, vomited back into your mouth. That mental image aside, the Post has the scoop on 1BBP's penthouse?er, sorry, 1BBP's main penthouse. For those of you that hate the modern definition of a penthouse (which goes: if you call something a penthouse, it suddenly is), then you'll be driven especially mad by the fact that 1BBP is selling 26 penthouses. And eight are in contact already! By the way, the actual Brooklyn Bridge Park probably won't be completed for another decade or something.

Anyhoo, the main penthouse. The 4,638-square-foot triplex will be priced at $7.25 million, nearly double the Brooklyn condo record?the $3.8 million Aurora penthouse in Willliamsburg, which we're still in denial about. So what do you get, besides the satisfaction of being Brooklyn royalty? Seven rooms, four bathrooms, 360-degree views into Manhattan and the BK and a private elevator that goes up to a rooftop terrace. Plus, the right to spend a shitload on a parking space, and perhaps, inside a Trader Joe's.
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One Brooklyn Bridge Park

360 Furman Street, Brooklyn, NY