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A Building Update: That Name Will Never Not Be Awkward

The rat is out in full force outside the Upper East Village's A Building, which means it's now probably as good a time as any for an update. There's been nonstop work on this peculiar building, but it looks like it hasn't changed in months. Above is the 13th Street-facing side of the complex, which is between First Avenue and Second Avenues Avenue A (duh, sorry, it was really early). There's an interior court courtyard and a glass walkway thingy that links this building with a seperate mini-tower, which faces 14th Street. We haven't checked in since mentioning the freaky sales office, and unfortunately, marketer Cantor Pecorella doesn't have a proper web presence, so we haven't seen the listings. However, the A Building site now has floorplans, so at least there's something to dissect!

The 14th Street side, with the 13th Street building peaking out in the background.
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