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Wednesday AM Linkage

· Humongous $940M Harlem affordable apartment sale is 'alarming' [NYO]
· What will they call LeFrak City after it's sold? [TRE]
· Think you have a totally shitty job? Try the sewers [NYT]
· City blocks move of PrideFest from Village to Chelsea [NYDN]
· City throws $30M lease to struggling Tishman-Speyer LIC bldg [Sun]
· Will critics kill off congestion pricing? [StreetsBlog]
· Thor gets all the attention, but here's the 'Coney Island Sleeper' [GL]

UPDATE: Regarding the second link above, representatives of Richard LeFrak email, "Yesterday, linked to a story in the was reported by John Koblin in The Observer. Koblin's story is reported correctly—a residential portfolio in Brooklyn and Queens owned by the LeFrak family is in contract to be sold; THIS IS NOT LEFRAK CITY, which was the implication in the link which said, 'What will they call LeFrak City after it is sold?' Richard LeFrak, the CEO of the LeFrak Organization, says that 'I will never sell LeFrak City, certainly not in my lifetime.'" Curbed regrets the humorous insinuation.