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Cool Kids Won't Let Dolly Lenz Hang

In what will probably be the most awesome thing you read all week, the Observer's Max Abelson chatted with the city's superbrokers abouts what makes them tick, and best of all, how they get along with the rest of the group (they kinda seem like the elite high school clique that walked through the halls and wouldn't make eye contact with others). They pretty much all love and respect each other like good little humans, but there is one notable exception: Elliman vice chairman Dolly Lenz. It doesn't really seem like anybody likes her, and we can't understand why:

“They have ballroom dancing, tennis, golf—whatever they do,” Ms. Lenz told The Observer. (Ms. Chiang, incidentally, is a competitive ballroom dancer.) “But if you have no other outside interest, and this is your passion and life and job, then it’s going to be different. “I don’t do anything else,” Ms. Lenz said. “In other words, everything else suffers as a result.” So real estate is both profession and pastime? “And my hobby, and my children, and my husband.”

We can't. Understand. Why.
· Manhattan’s Mightiest Brokers: A Peer Review [NYO]