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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Galapagos Dumping Williamsburg for Dumbo (68 comments)
"Williamsburg is dead in the water? Try NYC is dead in the water, if Two Trees is the only thing keeping the arts scene afloat. They might as well just move directly to Philadelphia and cut out the middle step."
2) Development Du Jour Undulation Edition: One Jackson Square (56 comments)
"Looks like the sculpture of living part two. Nothing wrong with filling in that empty lot but this is truly ugly."
3) Ask Curbed: Desperately Seeking Stability (52 comments)
"It's comical too that everyone acts all high and mighty when this issue comes up. They've never cheated anyone or anything and neither have the landlords for that matter. Come on people, America is the land of the cheater."
4) $10 million Living on Avenue D (48 comments)
"I am just stunned that this building is totally in contract (at least according to the website and streeteasy). I would have never thought that in this area people would be willing to pay over $1,000 psf. I like the east village quite a bit, but it seems to me that the gentrification possibilities of this micronabe are just too limited."
5) Ask Curbed: Stuy Town Follies: Tishman Spies, Plans Sky Gardens?! (41 comments)
"Ask any Sty Town resident who's lived there more than 2 months. They will ALL know someone who is an illegal sublet. One of my best friends lived alone in his uncle's apartment at Sty Town for years. His uncle's lease was for $800 and my friend paid $1,100 directly to his uncle (the uncle moved to Brooklyn and would send the rent in to Met-Life)."