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Tribeca's 'Our Suburb' Update: Pushing Skyward

[Photo by A Test of Will via Curbed Photo Pool]

Been awhile since we've caught up with one of our favorite obsessions, the 10,000 square foot townhouse-thing described by its wealthy creators as "our suburb." Lo, it has started to rise on the corner of West Broadway and No. Moore. Here was the description we had of the place awhile back:

The ground floor alone will house an entrance foyer, art studio, a garage and loading dock for the studio, and two guest bedrooms. The second floor will be a 2,800- square-foot living, dining and kitchen area, recreation room and home theater. Over the living room are planned structural recessed skylights, bringing the outside into the living and rec rooms and creating an inner courtyard. Continuing upstairs: a study/library and kids playroom on the third floor; three children's rooms on the fourth (they plan to have more kids); a master bedroom suite on the fifth; and a gym on the sixth. The Schnalls are toying with the idea of putting a pool on the roof.We've yet to see final renderings of the place, so it'll be fun to watch the facade come together. Our money's on dark-tinted glass—and a machine-gun nest on the roof.
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2 North Moore Street

2 North Moore Street, New York, NY 10013