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Carroll Gardeners Now Tossing Bricks at Big Smith Street Bldg

Some buildings go up and, eventually, someone notices them. Others stir up neighborhood opposition when they're still just drawings. So it is with the building intended to go on Smith Street at the Carroll Street subway stop. It's gotten quite a reaction and even though this, in turn, appears to have led architect Robert Scarano to opt for a brick facade rather than the metal seen in renderings, neighbors are still less than thrilled. An emailer writes:

It's wonderful to hear Mr. Scarano has become more receptive to our community but I think it's far too early to break open the is cheap Plus, the height of the building is still insane...brick or metal, 8 is still too high! We live in 2-4 floor residential brownstone buildings over here...Many more twists and turns to come.
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