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Roebling Oil Field Redux: Everything's Coming Along Nicely

What you're looking at is a rendering of the finished building currently rising atop the interesting parcel of land we call the Roebling Oil Field at N. 11th and Roebling Street in Williamsburg, as well as a photo of the progress on construction. All that oil that was down there during the digging phase? It's a thing of the past. As are the arsenic, barium, cobalt, mercury, nickel, zinc and other things found in itty-bitty amounts in the soil that was removed. The good news: Not much lead! And the benzene in the groundwater is barely measurable. No definitive results yet from all the test wells drilled on Roebling Street and N. 11th Street, though we understand that oil is coming from an "unknown" source to the north or east of the building whose working name is McCarren Park Mews. The building design is the work of Karl Fischer Architect.
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