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CurbedWire: Graceline Court Gets Jazzy, Ira Gershwin's Birthplace Vacated in Chinatown, Coney Isle Glass for Sale!

A little CurbedWire to begin the week? Don't mind if we do. Got rumor, gossip, or innuendo to share? The Wire is listening.

1) Harlem: Continuing Cantilever Watch '07, Harlem Fur emails us, "The Graceline Court sales office is open. In addition to a mocked-up kitchen and bath, the office also includes a 4 piece jazz band (right). Thankfully, they were not playing the same muzak heard on the development's website." Photo jacked from his blog, which has more intel. [Harlem Fur]

2) Chinatown: A reader emails concerning the seemingly sad tale of 60 Eldridge Street: "i live on the block and the (very sweet, very old) residents and (not-as sweet, not-as old) businesses in this building are all being evicted by the city. one of the residents told me he was being moved up to the east village—and that he's lived in this building for 70 years! it looks like all the residents have moved/been moved, and today the dry cleaners in the building ("super cleaners") told me they will be closed and moved out to brooklyn on june 30. both parties said the city was the landlord and was going to renovate the building. the building had plaque on it that read 'historic birthplace of ira gershwin,' until recently. now there's a vague halo where the plaque was—and no more nice old man keeping his corner of the block free from loose trash." [CurbedWire Inbox]

3) Coney Island: Interested in owning 21 stories of glass? The development at 271 Sea Breeze Avenue, a prime example of so many Curbed trends that we dare not list them all, is on the market, according to alert tipster Nigel Shamash. The owner's asking for all cash offers; what's your number? [CurbedWire Inbox]