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For Inwood, Introspection on a Starbucks Near-Miss

With the Lower East Side having long since folded, and Greenpoint more recently following suit, the question of which NYC edge neighborhood will be the next to fall prey to the siren song of Starbucks shifts uptown. New neighborhood blog Inwoodite reports on a near-miss at 207th Street and Broadway:

As some (but not all) inquisitors were told by the on-site work crew, it will be a coffee shop, but not a Starbucks. Word is Cafe Expresso (as in "express"?) is a small locally owned chain, with locations in Brooklyn and Tuckahoe. Whether this is good or bad news depends on one's perspective. While some of my neighbors were excited by the prospect of Inwood having 'Made it' - i.e. deemed worthy of a Starbucks - others dreaded what they saw as the inevitable Duane Reade-ification to follow, along with rising rents and the homogenization of what is still a diverse populace. Still others predicted Starbucks would get a cool reception from the Dominican community, what with its Lite FM format and all. Regardless, for better or worse the question is moot, and Inwood remains below the radar. For now.

And yet, Inwood now has another neighborhood blog. Over/under on Duane Reade-ificiation: 18 months.
· Looks Like We Didn't Make It [Inwoodite]