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It Happened One Weekend: Lenz 'Not Allowed In', Comes Anyway, Puts Feet Up, Stays Awhile

1) Elliman broker Dolly Lenz is one of the industry's major power players. So if she wants to keep her name on a listing even when the owners have asked her to step aside to make way for new brokers, can you blame her? Josh Barbanel digs into the curious case of the condo conversion underway at 813 Park Avenue, of which a rival broker says of Lenz, "The dispute is greatly complicating our job. She is not showing in the building; she is not allowed in the building." Rawr! While this most excellent catfight rages on, if you're looking to buy at 813 Park, vote your allegiance by visiting either listing for the $15.990 million penthouse (above): the bright, peppy Stribling listing, or the hushed, earthtone Lenz version. (Previous Curbed coverage of 813 Park: Diddy Slept Here and some Funky Friday penthouse fun.) [Josh Barbanel/Big Deal]

2) Also of NYT Real Estate Section front page note this week: technomenities! Which is to say, that iPod port in the wall of the new development you looked at yesterday that just increased the asking price by $25k. Bonus color from our beloved North8 in Williamsburg, re: previously mentioned iPod amenity: "There was a really good response. Anyone who has been to that model really thinks it is a great idea. We'll have to consider it in future projects." [Lisa Keys/Wired to Sell]

3) From the Meatpacking District, MeatBoard smacktalk from a Gansevoort Hotel rep: "The billboards aren’t really that bad. It's just that all the activists in the neighborhood are rallying around them." [Alex Mindlin/Street Level]

4) Over a thousand protesters gathered outside the new Sheraton Hotel development in Brooklyn on Friday to protest the use of non-union, illegal immigrant workers on the project. We were in our car Friday, and 1010WINS was having a field day with this one. [NYPost]

5) Can Prospect Park's Wolman Rink perhaps accommodate both bathing in the summer and ice skating in the winter? Sure! Is it likely to? Surely not! Thanks for playing! [Jake Mooney/City Section]