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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Portman Wants Off Island?

1) Is Natalie Portman, the once-proud Syosset resident, done with Long Island forever? Her lovely three-bedroom Sea Cliff cottage is on the market for $2.2 million. Buyers can expect panaromic harbor views from nearly every room and plenty of creepy fanboys showing up at the front door. [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]

2) How low will the Atelier go in its mission of celebrity shilling? Pretty low, if this Access Hollywood clip on Lindsay Lohan's apartment in the building (they probably gave it to her for free) is any proof. We're guessing she'll never step foot in the place, and it'll be sold within a year. [Gawker]

3) Most bizarre rumor of the week that of course turned out not to be true: Oprah at One Hanson Place. [Brownstoner]

4) Author Jay McInerney may be out of the real estate game for a while, but he knows a good shmooze when he sees one. He just did one of those marketing event thingies where brokers arrange for authors to do an invitation-only book signing at a fancy apartment that also happens to be for sale. And it looks to be this $7.9 million two-story townhouse that's part of the much bigger 310 East 53rd Street project. Did we mention he broke his foot coming out of the Waverly Inn? How fabulously tragic. [The Real Estate]