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Urban Camping in Hudson Square

Some people are clever enough to find their own way in this big bad city of ours. Take for example one new-ish resident of quaint little Renwick Street down in Hudson Square. No fancy trappings here. Just a simple place to call home. Yet this tent dweller, however industrious he might be, won't have too much time to enjoy this new-found corner of quiet just off Canal Street. Architect Ismael Leyva has plans for 13-stories of Boutique Condo Lofts to rise on this site at 15 Renwick Street.

[The site at 15 Renwick Street (left) and Leyva's condo plan for that plot]

[The private entryway at 15 Renwick Street (left) and inside, looking north]

This happy camper has taken minimalism to a new level. Note the simple yet functional abode. And notice the small but serviceable outside deck constructed of re-claimed local woods. Observe the wide-open yet uncluttered yard: an example of xeriscaping in it's purest form. Here it seems that brick is the new grass. No water guzzling lawns like those across the street at 255 Hudson. And no staking out a spot in the midst of crowds and traffic as others have done up in Times Square. So enjoy this cozy campground, Mr. Loves-the-outdoors. Bulldozers might be arriving soon. After all, nothing in New York lasts forever.

[The "urban cliffs" rising to the west of the 15 Renwick Street site]

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15 Renwick Street

15 Renwick Street, New York, NY