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Will Carroll Gardens Fight 'South Beach' Look?

That building that would squat next to the Carroll Street subway stop in Carroll Gardens continues having a hard time finding love in the neighborhood. Last night residents got together to talk about it and were exhorted to fight 'the Curse of Scarano.' As in, Brooklyn architect Robert Scarano who is designing a building at 360 Smith Street. While the Heavy Metal Version of the building has been repudiated by its creator as a concept drawing, only a handful of people have seen drawings of its Lite Rock followup. However, the descriptions from those who have glimpsed it are captivating. The 46-unit building is now said to be clad in a brick-color terracotta. It will be 50 feet tall on Second Place, eventually rising to 70 feet. Smith Street frontage will be 60 feet. It is described as having "a funky cantilever" that seems to be a "modernist interpretation of a cornice" with one corner of the building having "South Beach in Miami architecture" with metal balconies, big windows and "things jutting." Who doesn't love modernist cornices and things that jut? With that kind of buildup, we can't wait to see the refried rendering.
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