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Tuesday Mindbender: Where's Libeskind Building Downtown?

Starchitect Daniel Libeskind, fresh off his role as the, er, whatever the hell he did for the World Trade Center site, is building again in downtown Manhattan—er, building again for the first time. Right. Per Alec Appelbaum:

The architect told us yesterday he has a commission to design a residential tower somewhere in Lower Manhattan — though he won't say much more than that until paperwork is filed Friday. Here's what he'll reveal: The commission is from a private client, and he hopes to make the building a landmark "by taking the notion of green out from the inside of the building." It won't be on Liberty Island, as we originally guessed, but Libeskind confirmed it's on a built "historic site, one of the iconic sites of New York City." And, he added, "I guarantee you'll see the Statue of Liberty from there." Hmm. You have any guesses?An excellent question. So, do you?
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