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Proud To Live in a Glorified Cubby Hole

We haven't paid much attention to the condop conversion at 315-321 East 12th Street, because the twin six-story buildings look just like every other crappy walkup in the East Village, so it seemed like a fairly random and pointless move to boot the rental tenants without offering them a deal to stay. But that was before we caught word of the interesting marketing strategy Warburg Realty is using for the project. They know the units, being sold "as-is," are nothing special, so they're embracing that fact. Behold, "the smallest one, two and three bedroom coops in Manhattan???" A curious tagline, for sure, but Warburg feels they're offering some good deals: 10% down, no board approval and prices starting at $385k. A publicist told us, "You’ve got to see the 325 square foot one bedroom to believe it." You'll see it after the jump.

· 315-321 East 12th Street [Warburg]
· Listings: Leslie Lalehzar [Warburg]