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Post-Splashing, Alamo Gets a Rubdown

Just 24 hours after The Splasher (or his down-on-the-heels East Village brethren) decorated the Alamo, aka the Astor Place Cube, with an array of colors, the city is on the scene to scrub it down. Reports Curbed Photo Pool contributor ibitmylip, "I spoke to this nice fellow from the parks department and asked if he thought it might have been the Splasher. He considered it and said he didn't know, but that it was mentioned on one of the blogs yesterday. He also said the cube was like a chalkboard to some people, too compelling to be left blank. He doesn't know who does these things—he just gets the call when it needs to be cleaned up."
· Astor Place Cube Gets Cleaned Up [Flickr/Curbed Photo Pool]