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'Pink Blob' at Atlantic Yards: Gehry, Christo or Glitch?

Yeah, it's some kind of glitch, but location is everything and this particular location makes it compelling. The blog A Daily Dose of Architecture found it and wonders whether it's Frank Gehry, an unknown Christo or, you know, a technical problem. The blogger writes:

Is this perhaps a sly commentary on the Frank Gehry-designed development? Or just a glitch in the software centered on Atlantic Yards? Or a veil over construction / demolition? Or even a Christo installation that somehow escaped the news? While I like the first possibility, it's probably the second, as the pink blob is present as one moves up and down Dean Street.We followed the Pepto Bismal colored thing and it extends for a long way, way into Boerum Hill. We're thinking it has to do with streets that are still in beta.
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