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'Burg Doesn't Want Your Tired, Poor, Huddled Masses

We never thought we'd see any serious campaigning to save something as boring as a car wash, but you can never predict the behavior of those whacky Williamsburg residents. Especially when they (or at least the one guy making the flyers) really aren't into the alternative. A special Curbed tipster writes:

i suppose it only makes perfect sense that car washes should begin to go the way of the gas station in NYC: there is a car wash on borinquen & south 1st that may soon loose its lease. what i have heard (a substantive but potentially inaccurate rumor) is that the landlord of the property wants to give them the boot in favor of a residence/shelter of some sort - details unclear - for the tax breaks. currently there is a small sustance abuse center, damon house, on the same block. according to a local resident it seems well-managed and hasn't been a source of trouble in the neighborhood. this is on the same block as the treetop building on borinquen you have written about in the past. fwiw, i've heard there's a similar proposal in south park slope for the empty/parking lot at 5th avenue & 16th street (across from buttermilk bar). no idea if they are connected in any way.There's something vaguely John Rocker about that flyer, no? Maybe the person just really really wants to see more Karl Fischer/Robert Scarano condo buildings.
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