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40 Bond Ready To Be Tagged

After months of serious architectural discussion about Ian Shrager's coke-ish green-glass super-condo at 40 Bond things are about to loosen up down in NoHo. The wonky "But are they ART?" cast aluminum graffiti gates custom designed by Herzog & de Meuron have arrived. They're stacked up in the street and ready for installation. Even wrapped in blue tarps and lowly moving pads these swirly babies are looking good. And they seem to have been inspired by an equally swirly and twirly tableau of gilded dancers gracing a fire escape down the block at 24 Bond. And to think that some folks say street art is dead.

[Dancers on the second floor fire escape at 24 Bond]

[A piece of the 140-foot graffiti gate awaits installation at 40 Bond]

[A truckload of the cast aluminum pieces in front of 40 Bond Street]

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40 Bond Street

40 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012 Visit Website