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So, Uh, What's Up at TribecaSpace?

It's been over a year since we checked in with TribecaSpace, a new development at 25 Murray Street that's being forged from the bones of an old office building into condos on the corner of Church, not far from City Hall. When last we left TribecaSpace, a Curbed reader who visited the building described the spaces as "irregular, weird, and dark." Comes a tipster to alert us to what might be deeper issues:

There is concern about the opening of Tribeca Space (25 Murray). According to an ongoing chat on Streeteasy, closings continue to be delayed as the building has not received its temporary Certificate of Occupancy.

They are saying that there is an "easement" problem that is preventing the City from giving a TCO, which could prevent closings for months if not years. One person said that the building may be encroaching on the air rights of another building, which is tying up everything—for an undetermined amount of time. Not sure if this is only rumors, or fact.Occupancy was initially set for early 2007, but that's obviously come and gone. Anyone with inside dish want to help separate fact from fiction on this one?
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