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Ask Curbed: The Big Chill

From the DIY department of Ask Curbed comes this reader query:

Here's my dilemma: I bought my Manhattan apartment a couple of years (and summers) ago. It has two a/c units, both of which are the "through the wall" type—you know, basically window units, but instead of being in window, they go through the wall. I would like to replace these units.

The problem is, my brand and model of a/c unit is no longer being manufactured, and obviously any new unit would have to fit in the same hole through the wall as the old unit. I have Emerson Quiet Kook units, and I don't think Emerson even makes a/c units any more!! Anyway, I am trying to find out if there is a good source (or any source) that can help me find out what the possibilities are for replacing my units. I have tired to do some research myself, to no avail... the darn things don't even seem to come in standard sizes! Any suggestions?

Please feel free to use this opportunity to discuss any and all air-conditioning-related queries.