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JPMorganChase Confirms Tower of Darkness Near WTC Site

On the southern edge of Ground Zero, where the doomed Deutsche Bank Building is being disassembled at 130 Liberty Street, glad tidings for bankers and the people who love them: JPMorganChase is set to announce a deal with the city to build a new, 42-story skyscraper on the site to serve as its headquarters. The deal has been rumored for awhile, so there's been time to get ducks in a row. Alors, what sort of headquarters? Scant details on the architectural plans at this point, but oh, in case you missed this:

Because the site is relatively small, the bank tower will have to jut out about 100 feet over a planned park and church on Liberty Street, as well as over Cedar Street, to accommodate trading floors for the investment bank. The tower will therefore cast a permanent shadow over the one-acre park. The building's design will require public hearings and a change in the master plan for rebuilding Lower Manhattan.Brace for big fun for everyone! More on this to come, rest assured.
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