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40 Bond Graffiti Gate Update: Yes, We're Obsessed

The crew over at 40 Bond worked their butts off yesterday, moving lots of cast aluminum around bumpy little Bond Street and blocking traffic right and left. A peek behind the scaffolding showed the gate being attached to Herzog and De Meuron's sleek and sexy glass columns. And a new sign out front declares, "Occupancy June 2007 — Last Remaining Residences."

One new resident, fresh off the plane from London, couldn't take enough photos of her new front gate going in. Neither could we. That way we can pretend that we live there, too.

[A 25-foot section in all its glory in front of 40 Bond]

[The gate reflected in a shop window (left) and propped up in front of 40 Bond]

[The gate offers a perfect foothold for climbing, making easy work for the fork lift]

[People in cars were honking their horns, but a fork lift can move only so fast]

[The crew nudges the gate into position and holds off the traffic]

[The crane raises up a section and slowly drops it down behind the security fence]

[Just don't crash that big thing into any of that beautiful green glass!!]

[The crew breathes a collective sigh of relief as the gate is lowered into place]

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