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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Ask Curbed: Are Small-Time Landlords Poor? (97 comments)
"All land and existing buildings now days are priced to make sense as for sale product (condos, single family). It is almost impossible to make them work as rentals unless it is a land lease situation."
2) Crazy on Craigslist: 'Loft-Bed Type Bedrooms' (42 comments)
"I kept my pet python in something that looked like that when I was a little kid. Where's the trap door for the rabbit?"
3) SchnabelWatch: Julian Schnabel Has Lost His Mind (31 comments)
"Everyone is giving him way too much credit. He's not trying to get back at anyone, he just has really bad taste."
4) Roosevelt Island Slowly Starving to Death (25 comments)
"The problem is that the storefronts (which are in ugly Mitchell-Lama quasi-projects) are all under the control of a corrupt state agency. It's like Main St., East Berlin."