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On the Racked: Storecasting Bonanza!

The latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up. It's been a big week of Storecasting, so buckle in for new stores near and far.

1) Dumbo: As seen above, a rendering for a new Neighborhoodies store coming to Jay Street in July. From the store's owner, "[The rendering] shows the view from right inside the front door—we have conceived a continuous ribbon that will serve as shelving and built-in spaces for the sewing machines... Obviously the space will be colorful. These are for ease of architectural viewing." Be VERY afraid.

2) FiDi: The exterior wrap is off at the new Hermès, but the racks are not yet stocked with precious baubles. Patience, ye traders. Patience.

3) Meatpacking: A new high-end shoestore for the Meatpacking District appears on track to open next month. Iris, you are truly a pioneer.

4) Everywhere Else: A whole bunch more openings, from a Crunch Gym coming to Flatiron to doggy day care in Dumbo. Do enjoy.