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What's Next for Sony Studios Building in Hell's Kitchen?

Following up on yesterday's news that Sony Music Studios, the venerable recording space at 460 West 54th, would close its doors in August, AMNY runs a follow-up piece today with vague speculation on the future of the big boxy building, leading a Curbed tipster in Hell's Kitchen to inquire: "I live across the street from this place so naturally i want to know what is going on. I'm sure details will come out in due time but if anyone out there has some insider info on what these people plan to do (convert or demolish and rebuild) it would be great to know ASAP. The building is within the Clinton special district so they can't build above 7 stories, I think."

As point of reference, you may recall that when the Hit Factory studios on West 54th shuttered in 2005, its replacement was also called the Hit Factory. With the word condos attached.
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