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Development Du Jour: Avant Chelsea

Location: 245 W. 19th St. (between 7th and 8th)
Size: 12 floors, 19 units, including 4 full-floor penthouses
Prices: $1.725 million to $3.45 million
Architects: 1100 Architect
Developer: GDC Metro/Ginsburg Development
Sales & Marketing: Stribling
Lowdown: We missed this one during last week's Rumblings, but good things come to those who wait. Without further ado, the copywriting gold: "Avant celebrates the spirit of individuality. It syncs with people who enjoy putting their stamp on things. Avant is lux with a twist?tasty fixtures, fabulous furnishings, and striking design by 1100 Architect. Its spaces sing. Its floors flow. Its terraces are stepped, forming a staircase to the sky. The light is just right, even at night." Six singing, flowing units, priced from roughly $1000 psf to $1500 psf, are currently available, including the dueling-terrace penthouse featured after the jump.

· Avant Chelsea [Official Site]
· Listing: 245 West 19th St. PH1 [Stribling]