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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Stern Goes Big, Turner Takes It Down an Octave, Brady Audibles

1) When Howard Stern bought an empty Southampton lot for $20 million in May '05, it seemed likely he would build something large to fill the void. He has. Recently filed plans indicate that Stern's in-progress bungalo will measure 16,000 sqft, including a 1500 sqft master bedroom, 12 baths, and the ever-popular high-low recreation combo?bowling alley and wine cellar. [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]

2) We're not sure which is more surprising?that Kathleen Turner is having trouble selling her Hampton's ocean-view 6-bedroom or that a reporter would suggest that Turner's "star power" would help move the joint. In any case, the property, originally listed in '05 for "a rumored $8 million," is back on the market at $6.995 million. [S.Johanna Robledo/NY Mag]

3) Tom Brady, who tried to flip his Time Warner Center 3-bedroom earlier this year, is reportedly now renting the high-floor pad to a financier for $60k a month. Dude has trouble making up his mind. [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]