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Will Manhattan Beach Welcome Visitors with Guard Towers?

[Photo courtesy Josh Jackson/flickr]

Have you been to Manhattan Beach? You might want to go before the neighborhood acquires that East Berlin in the 80s vibe with police checkpoints and the like. We're a little slow to relate this, but over the weekend, a blog called posted an excerpt from a community leader suggesting that many ideas were "in play" to stop "thugs" from causing problem in the nabe and presumably messing with quality of life and property values. The ideas included privatizing the beach, putting police on the bridge leading to Manhattan Beach to check IDs and closing the beach "on a moments notice" when "the thugs" arrive. Also, NYPD barricades on the neighborhood's main street and surveillance cameras. There's a follow up post today and a community meeting coming up to chat about the ideas. By the way, if you've never been to Manhattan Beach and they put up a wall before you can check it out, it's across the water from Sheepshead Bay and to the east of Brighton Beach. So, do police checkpoints boost or depress asking prices?
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