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LES' Young Israel Synagogue Ready to Rubble

The Lower East Side's very bad day continues. Following news of the imminent shuttering of Gertel's Bakery on Hester Street, scaffolding has just gone up outside the Young Israel Synagogue at 225 East Broadway (at Clinton, active since 1912). Under a deal struck by YI, reports nabe blog Loho10002, a developer apparently will demolish the building down to street level, then restore the synagogue—while adding a condo tower on top. Loho10002's Yori Yanover isn't so sure, though: "We're hopeful that in two years' time, when the condos are complete across the street, the Young Israelites will promptly return to their seats. But we have our doubts."
· Scaffolding Up Where Synagogue Building is Coming Down [Loho10002]

GERTEL'S UPDATE: Racked reports that Gertel's is moving its wholesale operation to Williamsburg. On the bright side for the BelDel neighborhood, Kossar's Bialys tells Racked it isn't going anywhere.