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Curbed PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Park Slope Co-Op

Yesterday, we gave you everything but the listing on this 3-bedroom on 3rd St. between 5th and 6th in Brooklyn. Today, we reveal the asking price. Gold star to commenter EJ who's bid was just $1k too high.

Listing: Listing: 3rd Street [Corcoran]
Asking: $879k
Against their better judgment, most people bid high this week ("I'll say 1.095and I hope they don't get it"). Apparently, an extra bedroom to keep your tots in, and a premium school district to send them out in the world into, carry quite a premium. Chief among the complaints were the air shaft, the stairs (three flights!) and the borough ("Real estate in the outer boroughs is worthless to me."). And, as one commenter noted, the master bath is only en suite in so far as the "suite" extends into the hallway. All in all, jury's still out on this one. Somebody wanna take a look and report back?
· Curbed PriceSpotter: Park Slope Co-Op [Curbed]