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Shvo Tagline Contest Update: The First Cut

TEAM SHVO has been hard at work sifting through the 500+ new taglines we sent them earlier this month. (Contest backgrounder here.) And while we can't give away the $10k today, we can provide a list of entries that definitely will not appear on the doorway to the SHVO empire anytime soon:

· SHVO: Simply The Best
· SHVO SHVO SHVO. Location Location Location.
· SHVO: There can be only one.
· Need a chateau? Ask SHVO.
· Space for life.
· Live it your way. SHVO.
· SHVO one project at a time.
· North East West South. That's what SHVO is all about.
· Living the Life in Style.

· Be Shvohisticated.Sorry, folks. Best to put it behind you and start gearing up for next year's Boymelgreen contest.
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