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Insult to Injury at LIC's Hackett Building Demo

When we last left Long Island City's Hackett Building, it was nearly kaput, to be replaced by this jagged edge. Now, a teaser website for the new development has been unveiled, and there are some gripes. A reader writes:

Maybe there is karma in the world of developers. A few days ago the developers of 10-63 Jackson, the former Hackett Building, introduced the logo for the condos that are being built there. To those of us who've been in the hood a while (certainly a relative term here in LIC) the logo raised some eyebrows. Many of us were sad to see the community-enriching café ten63 shut down to make way for these condos to be built, but it feels a bit like we're being kicked while down when the new logo for the luxury condos is pulled straight from the café: "ten63." So today as I walked past & saw this stop work order I felt a little bitterness lift from my shoulders. The violation is for unsafe working conditions, though when I snapped this pic, I heard more work than usual going on behind the wooden barrier.

Logo issues aside, what's with that clunky tagline? We'd suggest a new one, but they haven't met our going rate.
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