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Balazs' Beaver Cleans Up Its Act

On the topic of Andre Balazs' downtown William Beaver House, the Times famously wrote: "this is housing rated NC-17." Well, that type of rating isn't good for summer blockbusters, so the pleasure palace has trimmed the naughty stuff and gone PG. The "William Beaver Experience" portion of the website, which was filled with skectes of naked dudes and undies basketball, has been scrubbed clean of its animated party people. Truly a sad day for all nympho i-bankers. Does this mean people didn't sort of get it?
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UPDATE: It looks like there are more drastic changes. StreetEasy just wrote in to tell us that Corcoran has lost the Beav: "An alert came across our site when all the William Beaver listings became no longer available. This happened over night. We called over to their sales office and learned that Core Group Marketing is now the sales and marketing company representing the project." Was the de-sexying Core's idea? Developing...

William Beaver House

15 William Street, New York, NY 10005