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Ask Curbed: Second Ave. Subway is Monitoring Me

From the land of the Second Avenue Subway comes today's reader query:

Just a note to let you know that I, a resident of 2nd Avenue between 93rd and 94th Sts., am the proud (owner/recipient) of a crack monitor designed to keep tabs on all of this exploratory work going on on 2nd Avenue, installed by an MTA subcontractor in my apartment, this very morning! It seems that Wang Engineering is being paid per crack monitor to monitor the whole situation, and in my apartment it will be 3x per week until 2013. (What a sweet deal that is!) Could you please ask Curbed readers if I am entitled to a reduction in rent? BTW Wang Engineering seems to have identified some cracked plaster and nothing more... what to do???We knew the Second Avenue Subway was going to be even more fun than advertised! Anyone else being crack monitored on the Upper East Side?
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