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What to Expect When Moving in to the Arris Lofts

The Arris Lofts?the condo development that brought luxury to Long Island City in the form of $3 million apartments and zoo animals?is in the midst of closings, and there's some Grade A gossip about the place on the QueensWest message board. Said one buyer:

just an update. my closing has been confirmed for next thur, june 21st. i'll be moving in sat, june 23rd. apparently someone else is moving in the same saturday as they've reserved the morning slot for delivery. i was thinking about requesting another walk thru since there were a lot of problems with the 1st one, plus i wanted another opportunity to look over my place more carefully, but was afraid that would delay my closing & since my rate lock expires the following day, given where the rates are now compared to a month ago, i just want to close. smart move/dumb move?Given the reply, this person is probably going to want a second walkthrough. You mentioned you had some problems on your walkthru & I am not sure of the severity of these problems, however I can tell you I was stunned to see my cousin's apt yesterday on her walkthru. I am very curious to hear other's experiences but this was bordering neglegence...I have my walkthru on the 27th & I am bracing for the worse but I am prepared. Without getting too technical (the checklist was 27 deep) it was VERY sloppy...doors scratched and not hinging properly, washer/drier dented, tiles in bathroom uneven, the celing FULL of rust & grime and needing a lot of work overall; it looked as if it was just old and needs LOTS of sanding, windows in bedroom not opening and lever is broken...and the kicker- they DO NOT PAINT only coated with primer...painting is left to the buyer. HAs anyone heard of such a thing? You need min 5k to paint these apts. The list is much longer but I think you get the idea...the construction manager taking her the walkthru said these will be fixed by next week however I am skeptical and she is not closing if apt is not turned over as it should be. BTW- common areas were a complete construction zone- elevators were not even operating no idea how they expect people to live there.Any other Arrisers care to comment?
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Arris Lofts

27-28 Thomson Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101