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Rumblings & Bumblings: 50 Orchard Spreading, Prime Court St. Property, Broken Angel Views?

Rumblings & Bumblings our development game in which we pose reader questions about goings-on about town and wait for you to give up the answers. All the good stuff in the comments, please. Or, if you've got another question or a sweet, sweet digital photograph, drop a line to Answers in this space Thursday.

1) Lower East Side: A reader writes, "Do you know what is being built next to the new phase of condos at 50 Orchard street (right)? It looks like another new condo building at 54 Orchard, but a stop work order has been issued by the city. Can't find anything mentioning the plans for the structure." Ah, let us all take a moment to pray that whatever 50 Orchard's got is not contagious.
2) Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens: Regarding the lovely-in-a-different-way building at 340 Court, currently occupied by Long Island College Hospital, a reader says, "heard this property is 'in contract' to be sold...big piece of land/40,000+SF...any news you could provide would help...thanks!"
3) Clinton Hill: "Does anyone have any details on the big construction project on Quincy St between Downing and Classon Ave in Clinton Hill?" asks another reader. "Right down the street from Broken Angel. I hear rumors that it's going to be 'affordable housing'? Is it rental or condo? And what exactly is 'affordable'? Is it Section 8 affordable (there goes the neighborhood) or middle-class affordable (please let it be)?"
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