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Ask Curbed: When's the Right Time to Rent?

To the mailbag once again, this time to come to the aid of our renting brethren:

Hi Curbed. A lower-end-than-usual question for you, but hopefully you can help me out. My lease (blessedly underpriced 3-bedroom share on the UES) is up August 1, and my roomies and I have decided it's time to strike out on our owns. Two of us are looking for studios, and the third roommate's moving into another share situation. August 1 happens to be a terrible time for me to move, so I want to ask the landlord for a 1-month extension. (The odds of them taking us up on that are another thing entirely.) One of my roommates, though, says "everyone" is telling her that September 1 is a bad time to move—she says "everyone else" is looking for apartments then, and we'll have too much competition. All I can imagine this means is college grads who decided to wait till the end of summer to flock to the city? Is it really going to be that much harder to find apartments for the start of September than August?