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Totally Awesome Rumor Report: Alba Switching it Up

A month ago, we were surprised to find out that the Switch Building?at 109 Norfolk Street on the LES?still exists. After so much hype about its unconventional design, the building just kind of sat there for a while, looking crosseyed. Well, it seems like the gang involved decided to get us talking again. A very trustworthy Curbed tipster saw Jessica Alba walking out of the building, papers in hand. And not, like, promotional papers. Papers papers. The report also claims that she was looking "pleased." It's hard to believe that a star this big wouldn't live in a building with a doorman and an underground garage, but there is one penthouse unit still available, so it's feasible. Maybe she just wants to be close to BLUE, but not too close. DEVELOPING...
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Switch Building

109 Norfolk Street, New York, NY 10002