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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Orchard Rentals, Court St. Beauty

Answers to yesterday's questions below. Uninspired effort, though we blame ourselves. Been holding out on us? The lines are still open. Back with more next week.

1) Lower East Side: Regarding the property next to the glorious new phase of condos at 50 Orchard street, a commenter notes, "If I am correct, I believe 54 orchard is an apartment buiding for rentals, not condos. The landlords also own the building across the street, which faces Allen. That building has about 13 units or so. I believe this building will be of the same caliber." Awesome.
2) Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens: As for 340 Court (above), no news about the alleged sales contract, but there is this commenter ode: "it was the Anthony Anastasio Memorial Longshoremen's Medical Center & although not to many peoples' taste, it is actually considered a notable example of mid-century modern architecture in NYC."
3) Clinton Hill: Apparently, nobody cares about the big construction project on Quincy St between Downing and Classon Ave in Clinton Hill.
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